Chocolate Chip Whiskey (Banana) Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Whiskey Ice Cream

Oh hi, I thought that might get your attention!  This dessert is deliciously sweet and creamy with just a little kick from the whiskey.   It takes just seconds to prepare and is an easy single serving dessert or snack.  And don’t worry – you’re not drinking alone… you’re enjoying healthy banana ice cream! I’ve beenRead more

Almond Butter and Cherry Granola

Almond Butter and Cherry2

    “Did I turn off the coffee?” “No… I did.” “Did you lock up?” “Yeah.” “Did we set the timers on the lights?” “Yeah.” “Did you close the garage?” “That’s it. I forgot to close the garage. That’s it.” “No, that’s not it.” “Well what else could we be forgetting?” “KEVIN!”  I have to say, I nowRead more

Healthy Travel Essentials

   So I had some serious food blogger envy last weekend when my instagram feed was suddenly bombarded with pictures of colorful, organic food and beautiful restaurants from BlogHerFood 2014.  It was definitely inspiring to see all the bloggers coming together, and I’m already getting excited for the Healthy Living Summit this September!  I amRead more

Tiramisu Cheesecake Dip

Tiramisu Cheesecake Dip

Memorial Day is almost here!!  Which finally means beach days, iced drinks at Starbucks, and of course celebrations.  This tiramisu cheesecake dip is the perfect addition to any summer party and can be served as an appetizer or dessert.  It’s light and creamy with just a hint of chocolate flavor.  It was wonderful with strawberries,Read more

KIND Healthy Grains Bars Review

“You can’t love everything.”   This is what my dad says to me every Christmas morning, as I unwrap every gift, gasp, and exclaim “I LOVE this!”  That is kind of how I’m feeling about reviewing KIND Healthy Grains Bars.  I need to be more critical, have a more discerning palate.  But I really doRead more

Love With Food box review


It’s time for another snack box review!  I LOVE having healthy snacks around the house.  I usually don’t leave home without at least one snack for both me and Charlotte – we’ve both been known to get pretty hangry.   I reached out to Love with Food, because this company not only provides a wideRead more

Healthy Surprise Review + GIVEAWAY!

Healthy Surprise

In honor of Nurses’ Day approaching, I’ve been wanting to do a series of posts dedicated to healthy work snacks.  I know that nurses are not the only ones who have trouble finding time to eat a nutritious meal at work, so having some easy go-to snacks are crucial for getting through that 12 hour shift! Read more

Fashion Friday - S’more Yogurt Parfait

S'more Yogurt Parfait

 You know those perfect summer nights when the air is just crisp enough that you grab a sweatshirt, but still warm enough to spend hours sitting around a beach campfire laughing with friends, roasting marshmallows and just listening to the waves?   Evoke that feeling with this lightened-up s’more yogurt parfait, complete with toasted marshmallows! This summerRead more

Healthy Travel Snacks

One of my absolute favorite parts of vacation is the planning.  Recently I’ve made more of an effort to make sure to plan healthy snacks for the plane, hotel room, etc.  Tim and I just had an amazing trip to New York City, so I thought I’d provide some ideas for healthy travel snacks… JustRead more

Bruschetta Kale Chips

There are very few things on this earth that give me more pleasure than watching Charlotte unknowingly eat vegetables. She can be pretty picky at times, going so far as to carefully pick out any speck of spinach in her scrambled eggs every morning. I knew I had to do something, so began “hiding” theRead more

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