Green and Gold Kale Salad


Confession: Had the Packers not won on Sunday, this salad would have been called the “Honey Avocado Kale Salad.”  But because I’m a sucker for a good theme party (or recipe) and I love lightening-up party food, it is now the Green and Gold Kale Salad.  This salad is so incredibly easy to whip upRead more

Green Smoothies

Tired of winter?  Me too, but you can get a little taste of summer every morning with one of these creamy, nutrient-packed smoothies!  It may seem crazy to head into the “Polar Vortex” with a smoothie in hand, but break out your best gloves and give it a try!  Each serving contains 1 cup ofRead more

Bruschetta Kale Chips

There are very few things on this earth that give me more pleasure than watching Charlotte unknowingly eat vegetables. She can be pretty picky at times, going so far as to carefully pick out any speck of spinach in her scrambled eggs every morning. I knew I had to do something, so began “hiding” theRead more

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