What would you do with more time?

Try out that new yoga studio?

Go on adventures with your kids?

Surprise your spouse with a date night?

Meet friends for a weekend brunch?

Indulge in some Real Housewives guilt-free?


Welcome to Diet Deep Dish - the place to create the life of your dreams one meal at a time!  Imagine having simple, delicious healthy recipes as well as meal plans, grocery lists and food delivered to your door.  Think about how much time you could save each week… and now think about what you’ll do with your new free time!


My Story

Hi, I’m Carrie and I’m passionate about empowering women to improve their lives by simplifying their meal planning and preparation.  Because we can’t be truly present in our lives when we’re constantly worrying about: what to make for dinner, when to grocery shop, not eating healthy enough, eating out to much, etc.

As a nurse and health writer, I’ve seen the impact that food has in our lives.  So I’m here to make your life a little bit easier with simple, delicious, healthy comfort food! 

Sweet Potato Pizza
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