Roasted Eggplant & Pepper Sandwiches


Fresh bread… is there a better smell in this world?  I would take that smell over spring tulips, Vera Wang perfume, anything!  It always reminds me of walking into my grandparents’ condo as a kid.  Every summer our family would venture down to Clearwater, FL and our first stop was always lunch at Grandma andRead more

Easy Vegetable Fried Rice

 I love making fried rice at home.  It’s quick, easy and so much fresher than the Chinese restaurant.  This veggie fried rice is light, flavorful and ready in less than 10 minutes!  This is the ultimate weeknight side dish.  This month Recipe Redux members were challenged to get moving in the kitchen by creating deliciousRead more

Black Bean Burgers

Sunday nights can be kind of a downer.  In our house they usually consist of us packing lunches, getting ready for work and daycare, and realizing that we really didn’t accomplish nearly as much as we’d planned during the weekend.  That is why I love these black bean burgers.  They are the perfect comfort food, whileRead more

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