Friday Fish Fry Series Part 2: Coconut Sweet Potato Pancakes

Hello!  This edition of the Friday Fish Fry series is coming to you a few days late, because the original recipe (literally and figuratively) went up in flames… there was actually a lot of smoke.  Oh, and no taste.  Luckily, the second try more than made up for it!  These coconut sweet potato pancakes areRead more

Bacon-wrapped Dates with Sweet Potato Filling

Happy Weekend!  I started the day with some yoga at Mind Body Day at the WAC and am now catching up on all the posts I’ve been wanting to share!  I originally developed these bacon-wrapped dates as an appetizer, but they could easily double as a dessert.  They are like candy!  Careful - they’re addictiveRead more

Sweet Potato Fries

These fries are the perfect side dish!  They’re fast and easy, perfect for a weeknight dinner, but still feel comforting.                                                                      Read more

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