Your Summer Party & Travel Guide


Happy Summer!  Blue skies, farmers markets and swimming pools… it’s hard not to love this time of year.  The only problem?  It FLIES by!  This week is July already!  So don’t waste another moment of summer.  Throw that backyard barbecue, plan that weekend getaway, go to that outdoor concert.  Whatever you’ve been looking forward to, get our your calendar and plan it.  Otherwise it will be over.  You know Target is getting out their back-to-school gear as you read this…

Summer Party

This week I’m hosting a virtual barbecue on Facebook.  Stop by for free recipes, 4th of July ideas and giveaways!  All purchases will come with a FREE personalized party invitation!  Shop the store at

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Summer Vacation

Picture this: you’re relaxing at the beach listening to the sounds of waves crashing and your children giggling. You take a deep breath, smell the salty air and sink a little deeper into your chair. You feel happy, rejuvenated and grateful for such an incredible trip. You finally took the time to truly enjoy the planning process and let go of stress.

Far too often vacations can be a source of anxiety. In fact, a recent Huffington Post poll revealed that 1-in-4 full-time employees choose to forgo a vacation altogether because it’s just too stressful to take time off from work.

Fortunately, with just a few simple tricks, it is possible to have a blissful vacation free from stress, sibling bickering and constant fast food. Here are 4 tips for every family vacation. From healthy snacks to car games, we’ve got you covered for your next summer getaway!

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