How I Broke Through My Fear + a blog announcement!

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I still remember the moment like it was yesterday.  I was sitting at the nurses’ station staring blankly at my computer screen. After what felt like an incredibly fast orientation, this was my first night shift on my own - no preceptor to check over my work.  I was going to be taking care of patients on my own, and not just any patients, incredibly sick children battling cancer.

I nervously adjusted my Strawberry Shortcake scrubs, checked my watch, looked at the computer screen again, checked my watch.  Eventually I was going to have to stop procrastinating and start my shift.  I looked at my patient assignment paralyzed in fear.  Every patient needed something NOW; every family was waiting for me.
Have you ever been in a situation like this?  You’re on the brink of something new, but something’s holding you back?  I’ve read that fear is our compass for growth, but it’s hard to remember that in the moment.   


Remember why you started

For me, these are the moments when we have to recall why we started in the first place.  I went to nursing school to make a difference.  I chose such an important specialty because I knew I was needed there. 
Remembering the big picture is what helps us push past the fear.  So what did I do that night at the nurses’ station?  I took a deep breath and made a plan.  I wrote down everything I needed to do hour by hour and I got to work.  I was still terrified, but I let my purpose drive me.   

Next steps

When I started I also had a purpose greater than myself - to bring delicious, healthy food to your kitchen.  My life changed once I took control of what I was eating and how I prepared it, and I know my mission is to show families that it doesn’t have to be difficult. 
So even though I feel that familiar fear creep up every time I take the next step in my business, I’m letting my purpose drive me. 

Exciting New Programs

Today I’m thrilled to be launching a brand new meal subscription service.  Meal plans, grocery lists and food products can now be delivered to your home for less than $3 per serving.  

 meal subscription service

Fear is a funny thing…

It creeps up when we make any change, especially one for the better.  Investing in yourself with healthy meal plans and food delivered to your house might feel selfish, unnecessary or just silly.
I know I felt a lot of resistance when I made the decision to register for a yoga class.  I should find a cheaper place.  I should just use free videos on YouTube.  However, the peace and contentment I feel walking out of that class cannot be matched with a free video.
If you have been wanting to eat healthier and with more variety, I hope you learn more about our programs.  You are worth it!

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