My Story

Being home on maternity leave with my daughter was the best time of my life. We weren’t getting a lot of sleep, so I was finally able to just throw out all of my ridiculously high expectations and be kind to myself. Some days we went out to explore the city, but a lot of times I just sat on the couch all morning listening to her sleep on my chest. We went on walks, cooked good food and completely focused on family.

I didn’t think about the return to work at all, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. After this wonderful blur of maternity leave, I was suddenly thrown back into a full-time job while finishing my master’s degree. I was tired, irritable, and felt like things were never going to get better. I still wince when I think back to our first day of daycare, as the receptionist who I’d met that day held me while I cried.


When my work proposed a change that was going to significantly increase my workload I lost it. I remember sitting in my friend’s office sobbing, telling her I can’t possibly keep up with all this and I feel like I’m not doing a good job at anything, especially motherhood.

And this incredibly kind, intuitive, loving friend said something I never expected… she offered to cook for us.  I normally would have said no, but I was feeling so overwhelmed that I agreed.

So from there on out, my friend brought dinner to us twice per week.  And after a few weeks of this, something magical happened. Everything in my life started to get better. Because Tim and I weren’t stressed about cooking every night, I was able to slow down and enjoy my weeknights with Charlotte. And when I felt like I was spending more time with her, I didn’t feel so guilty about doing something for myself, like going to a yoga class or for a run. I started working out almost everyday and lost the rest of the baby weight.

We started doing fun things on the weekends again. I didn’t dread going to work quite as much. These meals really fed us, physically and spiritually.

When your meals are taken care of, you have the time to do the things you really want to do!


New Work Outs!

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Date Nights!



I care deeply about helping you achieve this shift, from overwhelm to a world of possibilities. For me, that started in the kitchen.

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