Weekend at the Warwick Allerton Hotel


Hi there, I hope you’re having a great fall!  Today I’m taking a break from recipes to share a fabulous hotel review.  Our experience was so relaxed and wonderful, so I’m sharing it in case you’re planning a trip to Chicago anytime soon… Are you expecting a new addition to the family or just needRead more

Interview with Chef Ryan Hutmacher

In a little under 6 months, Diet Deep Dish has brought me so many amazing opportunities, from improving my cooking skills to partnering with brands to meeting new friends, and now an interview with an amazingly inspiring chef!  Chef Ryan Hutmacher is a chef and “wellness ambassador” in Chicago and was recently named the first Weight Watchers chef.  I wasRead more

Healthy Deep Dish Pizza

Here it is… the inspiration for this entire blog… Chicago-style pizza!  I don’t just love deep dish pizza - I need it.  I knew I had a problem when I once spent an entire yoga class imagining Lou Malnati’s spinach pizza.  I could smell it, taste the buttery crust.  I spent the majority of theRead more

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